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Travel information

The Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs protects the interests of the Republic of Slovenia, its citizens and legal entities abroad. On the Web site you can find advice, recommendations and information to facilitate your stays abroad.


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Visa information

In addition to a valid travel document, foreigners must hold a visa in order to enter the Republic of Slovenia. On our web pages you will find online visa applications, a detailed description of circumstances under which a visa is required, and more.


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular Service

Prešernova cesta 25, SI - 1001 Ljubljana, P.O. Box 481



T: +386 1 478 2305

F: +386 1 478 2316

E: konzularne-zadeve.mzz(at)


Office hours:

Šubičeva 10, SI - 1001 Ljubljana


Mon: 9h - 12h

Wed: 9h - 12h and 14h - 16h

Fri: 9h - 12h


Emergency number:

T: +386 1 478 2219