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guarantee letter,Visa regime applied in Slovenia is a part of EU aquis. It separates visa countries, which require a permission (visa) to enter and non-visa countries, which do not require a visa to enter.


Slovenian diplomatic missions and consular posts issue Schengen (type A and C) and national visas (type D). To be issued a visa, a third-country national must submit the required documentation and meet the requirements that are prescribed by the laws.


Type C


A uniform visa (Type C) is a permission to enter the country and is issued to a third-country national for a short-term stay (up to 90 days). The visa application is deposited at the Schengen country which is the goal of the travel and not just any country. This type of visas can be issued for Slovenia by other Schengen countries if they have a valid agreement on visa matters. Type C visa can be extended in extreme situation that make it impossible for the holder to return to their country.


Letter of Guarantee:


To obtain a visa, a third-country national must submit a relevant visa application form and required documentation, which can be different to that in their local country. The list of required documentation is posted on the webpage of the diplomatic mission or consular post, which has the authority to issue visas. During the procedure, the applicant must also present a guarantee letter, authenticated at the nearest administrative unit.


Type D


Type D or a national visa gives a permission to enter and stay in the country for the duration of more than 90 days and less than one year. This visa may be issued to certain categories of third-country nationals, which are defined in Article 20 of the Aliens Act. Third-country nationals who do not require a visa may also apply for it. Type D visa can not be extended. The holder of a visa can apply for a residence permit directly at an administrative unit.