The Ministry of Foreign Affairs implements Slovenia's foreign policy, carrying out the duties set out in the Foreign Affairs Act and other regulations. It also contributes expert positions during the entire process of planning and determining Slovenia's foreign policy, including collaborating in the passing of resolutions by the National Assembly and the Government.


The Ministry represents Slovenia abroad and in international organisations, monitors international political and economic relations, and is responsible for the development of relations between Slovenia and other states and international organisations. The Ministry is responsible for negotiations with other countries and international organisations, for proposing international agreements for ratification, and their official archiving. The Ministry also promotes and coordinates international cooperation in the political, economic, educational, cultural, scientific and technical and other fields. It devotes particular attention to protecting Slovenian interests and the interests of its citizens and businesses abroad; it is also concerned with the welfare of Slovenian minorities in neighbouring countries and of Slovenes worldwide. The Ministry carries out these activities itself and via the network of diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Slovenia abroad.


Foreign Affairs Act



Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Prešernova cesta 25
SI - 1001 Ljubljana
P.O. Box 481

T: + 386 1 478 2000
F: + 386 1 478 2340

     + 386 1 478 2341
E: info.mzz(at)gov.si


Consular services

Šubičeva 10

1001 Ljubljana
T: + 386 1 478 2305
F: +386 1 478 2316

E: konzularne-zadeve.mzz(at)gov.si


Economic Diplomacy Directorate

Prešernova 25

1001 Ljubljana
T: + 386 1 478 6642
F: + 386 1 478 1288