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18. 4. 2012

Public presentation of the OECD/DAC Special Review of the Slovenian development cooperation programme

Ljubljana, 18 April 2012 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented the OECD/DAC Special Review of Slovenia, aimed at thoroughly examining the legal and strategic bases of Slovenia's development cooperation, its institutional implementation and compliance with international norms.

The review established that since 2004, when Slovenia became a donor country, it has made considerable progress as it has joined international organisations and formed a solid legal basis and strategic guidelines for development cooperation. From a long-term perspective, the share of the official development assistance increased; the implementation of development assistance projects and programmes have also become a common and indispensable part of Slovenian foreign policy.

The review outlines the challenges currently faced by Slovenia, and provides recommendations on how to meet them. The central challenges are to update the legal basis and strategic orientation, and to promote the specialisation of the diplomatic profession in development cooperation; the review also recommends that the development cooperation be less dispersed and strategically directed towards those areas where Slovenia possesses considerable comparative advantages.

Today's interactive round tables were attended by guests from the OECD Secretariat, Switzerland and New Zealand, high representatives of the Foreign Ministry, academics, and representatives of NGOs and provider institutions. They discussed suggestions for improving the system currently in place, and global trends in development cooperation. (Additional information on the speakers and the content of the round tables is available on the web page of the event.) It is evident that Slovenian development cooperation and the systems of other European donors are facing similar challenges: official development assistance is increasing at a slower pace than desired due to the economic and financial crisis. The questions are whether development resources should be channelled into bilateral or multilateral cooperation, how to establish a system for evaluating project implementation, etc.

The presentation was organised jointly by the Foreign Ministry, the OECD Development Assistance Committee and the Slovenian NGDO platform SLOGA. The event was hosted by State Secretary Božo Cerar, who is tasked with representing Slovenia at international ministerial meetings for international development cooperation.