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9. 3. 2004

Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts eCommerce think-tank

On 9 March 2004, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia hosted an informative meeting with the economic counsellors of the Embassies of Central and South Eastern European countries, the USA, China and the delegation of the European Commission to Slovenia. The Foreign Ministry organised the meeting in cooperation with the eCommerce Center of the University of Maribor's Faculty of Organizational Sciences. The purpose of the meeting was to present the initiative to develop an eRegion in the area of Central and South Eastern Europe and to promote the 17th International eCommerce Conference, "eGlobal - A Network for the Development of an eRegion", to be held at Bled, Slovenia, from 21-23 June 2004.

Representatives from the University of Maribor's Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and those from the Slovenian economy who offer systems for cross-border connections, acquainted the economic counsellors with Slovenian initiatives in the area of eCommerce. In this context, they outlined the "eRegion" project, which connects the ALADIN group of universities (eCommerce ALADIN - ALpe ADria INitiative). The ALADIN group is comprised of representatives from the Universities of Graz (Austria), Maribor (Slovenia), Novi Sad (Serbia), Rijeka (Croatia) and Trieste (Italy), who wish to contribute to the development of the initiative in their respective regions.

Leading Slovenian institutions and companies, such as the Port of Koper, Slovenian Railways, the Institute of Health Insurance of Slovenia, the Slovenian Geodetic Institute (Geodetski inštitut Slovenije), and the Insurance Association (Združenje za zavarovalništvo) outlined their respective views on the significance of developing an eRegion and on systems of cross-border commerce in this area of Europe in the future.