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Ljubljana Days in Budapest: Teo Spiller’s ''Life'' exhibition opening and En-Knap dance group performance

Budapest, 21 June 2011 – On 17 June, an exhibition of Teo Spiller's installation “Life” was opened in the exhibition area of the Merlin Theatre. The exhibition, which ran until 19 June, was organised as part of a series of cultural events “Ljubljana Days in Budapest” marking 20 years since Slovenia's independence, which took place in the Hungarian capital between 9 and 19 June. After the opening, the En-Knap dance group performed in the Great Hall of the Merlin Theatre with a modern dance show entitled “10 MIN South”. The events were made possible with the support of the Slovenian Embassy in Budapest, the Municipality of Ljubljana, and Budapest Mayor’s Office.

The exhibition “Life” or “Creation of Life” symbolically reconstructs the experiment of scientists in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A programme that selects typefaces consisting of 4 letters of the English alphabet with a random generator runs on seven randomly arranged computers in the exhibition area to produce the word life by chance.  When this happens, the programme stops, the computer starts beeping and the word life appears on the screen: and so, life is created in an experimental environment! English was selected because the word life is much shorter than the Slovenian življenje,  rendering the chances for success much greater.

The modern dance performance “10 MIN South” is a choreographic omnibus created by choreographer Iztok Kovač. The project, produced by the En-Knap Institute, joins five dancers of the En-Knap dance group with five renowned creators of modern group performances. In each part, the dancers and choreographers challenge the concept of time in precisely 10 minutes. The choreographers presenting their work were Jordi Casanovas (Spain), Ivica Buljan (Croatia), David Zambrano (Venezuela/Netherlands), Olga Pona (Russia), and Dalija Aćin (Serbia).

The event was very well attended. At the reception organised by the Slovenian Embassy in Budapest, the visitors were welcomed by Ambassador Darja Bavdaž Kuret and the Deputy Mayor of Budapest, Miklós Csomós, while the artists were introduced by the Head of Ljubljana's Department of Culture, Uroš Grilc.