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11. 7. 2017

Round table "Reflections of the Past: Slovenia and the Jura", July 13

Ljubljana, 11 July 2017 - On Thursday, July 13, 2017, a Round table "Reflections of the Past: Slovenia and the Jura" will be held in the Small Hall of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia in co-organization of the High Representative of the Republic of Slovenia for Succession Issues dr. Ana Polak Petrič and Swiss Ambassador to Slovenia dr. Pierre-Yves Fux under the honorary honorary patronage of the President of the National Assembly dr. Milan Brglez.


At first glance, an unique idea of round table is based on two basic elements: on one side, the cooperation of friendly republics, each of which in its own way endeavoured to achieve self-determination and on the other, the search for the similarity and diversity of their succession issues.


In the years prior to the establishment of Slovenia's independence and in the first period of its statehood, dynamic and fruitful cooperation took place between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic and Canton of Jura. The former President of the government of the Republic and Canton of Jura and Vice-President of the Assembly of European Regions, Mr. François Lachat, facilitated Slovenia's participation in the bodies of the Assembly and its working groups. This was the period when Slovenia was in need of support of the widest possible circle of international subjects.


Jura and Slovenia also share experience of succession. Established in 1978, as a result of an internal self-determination through a series of local, regional and national referendums, Jura is the last Swiss canton to come into being after 1815 and the Congress of Vienna. The francophone and predominantly catholic people separated from the Canton of Berne, which is predominantly German-speaking and protestant. The secession lead to the process of succession. However, as time shows, all the procedures of secession are not yet completed. With a referendum, which took place on 18 June 2017, the city of Moutier, formerly part of the Canton of Berne, decided to join the Canton of Jura. The process of regulation will undoubtedly last for some years, in which the parties will have to solve all aspects of succession.


On the other hand, as confirmed by the international community, successor States of former SFRY emerged from dissolution of the former State. The succession issues that bring together Slovenia and Jura therefore constitute a diverse collage of various types of succession: from the dissolution of the State (SFRY and Slovenia), the secession (Berne and Jura in 1978) to the secession of a part of the territory with its subsequent unification with the other State (Berne, Jura and Moutier).


Dissolution of States, secessions of parts of the territory and other various aspects of succession are at first sight just a fascinating legal phenomenon. However, history has shown that resolving the succession issues can demand several decades. Furthermore, not only intergovernmental relations of the former common States, but also the fate of people depends on their solution. Succession consists of a very large number of areas, such as the division of archives, cultural heritage, financial assets and liabilities, and the rights of individuals. Therefore, a better understanding of the possible consequences and appropriate pre-arrangements can prevent future conflicts and disagreements.


The round table sets the relationship between Slovenia and Jura in the foreground, but its conclusions will also be useful in the context of a constantly changing international community.



16.00 - The Small Hall of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia


Welcoming speech: Dr. Milan Brglez, the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

Opening remarks: Dr. Pierre-Yves Fux, Ambassador of Switzerland to Slovenia

Moderator: Mr. Luka Novak, writer, publicist


The Panel:

- Mr. François Lachat, former President of the Government of the Republic and Canton of Jura

- Mr. Dušan Šinigoj, former President of the Executive Council of the Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

- Dr. Ana Polak Petrič, High Representative of the Republic of Slovenia for the Succession Issues