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MFA on attempts to influence Slovenian media outlet reporting

Recently, inadmissible activities of the Croatian secret service targeting Croatia’s neighbours, Slovenia among them, have been made public. In democratic Europe and the world at large, foreign interference and pressure exerted on editorial policies are deemed unacceptable.


The Croatian Ambassador, Boris Grigić, has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry, and Slovenia's Ambassador to Croatia, Smiljana Knez, recalled for consultations. The Foreign Minister is closely coordinating activities with the Prime Minister and will attend a National Security Council meeting convened for this afternoon.


Last week, Minister Cerar wrote to the Prime Minister over recurring incidents at sea, calling for a political coordination meeting regarding the implementation of the arbitral award.


Slovenia considers the arbitral award as a fact under international law. The course of the boundary both on land and at sea was determined by renowned international legal experts. The decision of the high-level, independent tribunal is binding on both the countries and is already being implemented by Slovenia.


In his press statement, Minister Cerar explained that, following the events of July 2015, during his term of office as Prime Minister, the primary objective of the Slovenian Government was to complete the arbitration proceedings, so that after a quarter of a century the border issue could be settled once and for all.


Both Parties were bound by Article 10 of the Arbitration Agreement to refrain from any action or statement which might intensify the dispute or jeopardise the work of the Arbitral Tribunal. The arbitral award represents a compromise for both countries and must be abided by, also due to the reason that respect for international law and peaceful coexistence are among the founding principles of the European Union.


Respect for law and freedom of the press rank high among fundamental European values, which should be upheld by all Member States.