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Minister Dr Cerar receives representatives of the Slovenian national community in Austria

Ljubljana, 6 November 2018 – Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Miro Cerar received representatives of the Slovenian national community in Austria before meeting the Austrian Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, Dr Karin Kneissl.


The talks with Dr Cerar were attended by Susanne Weitlaner, Chairwoman of the Article 7 Association of Styria, Bernard Sadovnik, Chairman of the Association of Carinthian Slovenians, Gabrijel Hribar, President of the Unity List, Avgust Brumnik, representative of the Association of Slovenian Organisations, Marko Oraže and Milena Ošina, representatives of the National Council of Carinthian Slovenians.


The representatives outlined the current status regarding the implementation of their rights deriving from international legal documents and Austrian internal legislation. They particularly underlined the need to regulate the status of minority printed media, enhance efforts to strengthen the Slovene language in the education process and ensure adequate financing for Slovenian organisations and associations by the Office of the Federal Chancellor.


Minister Dr Cerar reassured them that Slovenia would continue to support solutions reflecting the legitimate expectations of the Slovenian national community regarding the implementation of its rights, stressing that these issues are part of the regular and constructive political dialogue with Austria.