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Minister Karl Erjavec hands over official business to Dr Miro Cerar

Ljubljana, 14 September 2018 – Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the transfer of official business by Minister Karl Erjavec to the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Miro Cerar.


On this occasion, Minister Erjavec explained that he had found the last seven years spent at the Ministry very interesting, but also quite hard, mostly due to the changed international situation since 2012. He also listed the main achievements of his last term in office: the adoption of the Slovenian Declaration of Foreign Policy and the Foreign Policy Strategy by the National Assembly, the arbitration award (legal action against Croatia), successful economic diplomacy and the spread of the diplomatic network.


He continued by explaining that Slovenia has managed to attain all the objectives set during the process of its establishment, so new ones need to be specified. These should include enhancing economic diplomacy, opening new diplomatic and consular missions due to increased trade, and maintaining positive relations with neighbouring countries.


He concluded by wishing the newly-appointed Minister, Dr Miro Cerar, every success in the discharge of his duties, and thanked the staff members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bled Strategic Forum organisational team.


The new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Miro Cerar, explained that Slovenia, after overcoming the economic crisis, has once again become a responsible and reliable country, a constructive member of the European Union and other international organisations. “Although Slovenia is small in terms of surface area and population, its international influence cannot be compared to that of a small country, as it is also a member of the EU, NATO and the OECD,” he added, explaining that other important priorities also include economic diplomacy and growth.


He stressed that he would continue with his current efforts and promised to do his best for Slovenia when facing new challenges. Priorities remain enhancing Slovenian foreign policy, positive relations in the bilateral and multilateral spheres, relations with neighbouring countries and Slovenians living abroad. Special focus should also be placed on the business sector and the work of Slovenian diplomatic missions abroad.