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Director-General David Brozina attends seminar on the rule of law in Brussels

Ljubljana, 4 July 2018 - In Brussels, Director-General for EU Affairs Brozina attended a seminar on the rule of law. The seminar was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium and was attended by representatives of EU Member States and European institutions. The main speakers at the event were the President of the European Court of Justice, Koen Lenaerts, and the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Didier Reynders, who pointed to the importance of respecting the rule of law to ensure effective functioning of the Union, and stressed the need to put the rule of law into practice at the European level.


The seminar also discussed the initiative to form a mechanism with which EU Member States would commit to a peer review of the situation and of respect for the rule of law.
Director-General Brozina expressed support for respect for the rule of law, as one of the main values of the EU. He stressed that respect for the rule of law is vital for the prosperity of European citizens, as well as for the credibility of the Union and its Member States in relation to third countries and within the enlargement process. Already during the discussions at the General Affairs Council, Slovenia welcomed the initiative to undertake, and advocated further reflection on, a peer review of EU Member States.