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Statement on the US Withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council

Ljubljana, 19 June 2018 - Slovenia regrets the decision of the USA to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council. Nevertheless, Slovenia hopes and expects the USA to remain committed – through its actions and advocacy – to the promotion and protection of human rights in the international community, and to continue to uphold in this way the role of the UN Human Rights Council and its fundamental principles.


In 2018, this central UN body dealing with human rights within the UN system is presided over by the Slovenian Ambassador Vojislav Šuc. Slovenia advocates the Council's effective functioning and its positive contribution to the strengthening of human rights in the world. Although it may not fully meet the expectations of the international community, the international community must strive for ensuring the Council's greater legitimacy and its better effectiveness, and above all for the consistent implementation of its decisions. In all its activities to date, including in talks with the US partners, Slovenia has been underlining the importance of gradual approach, inclusivity and transregional cooperation as well as the fact that any decision must be reached by consensus. Any one-sided interference with the institution-building package guiding the work of the Council and setting up its procedures and mechanisms might lead to its decline.


For this reason, Slovenia will continue to strive for all decisions to be adopted unanimously by all states parties, and will support all the solutions strengthening the legitimacy, credibility and effectiveness of the Council in order to enhance trust in this important UN body. In this context, Slovenia supports the efforts of the Council's President and his team for determining the direction and finding the solutions leading to the realisation of the goals set.