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Slovenia and Africa on business and investment opportunities

15 May 2018 – State Secretary Iztok Mirošič delivered an introductory speech dedicated to business and investment opportunities on the second day of the Africa Day International Conference. He underlined that this event, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its partners, is aimed at increasing the possibilities of cooperation between African and Slovenian companies, as well as to provide support for the private sector in bilateral cooperation.


According to State Secretary Mirošič, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs devotes much attention to economic diplomacy and promoting economic cooperation. In this context, the business community is perceived as an important element, which promotes sustainable development, well-being, stability and peace. The conference is intended to familiarise the Slovenian public with the African continent. State Secretary Mirošič emphasised that the continent is marked by rapidly growing markets, integration processes, and accelerated urbanisation and digitalisation.


Slovenia is very interested in strengthening business ties with African countries and is pleased to note the improved cooperation and positive business relations of Slovenian companies operating in Africa. Rates of economic growth indicate that by 2024, as many as eight among the ten fastest-growing economies in the world will be African. The processes of integration of African states in business communities and free-trade areas provide additional leverage for economic growth.


State Secretary Mirošič also noted that Slovenia and African countries share a common heritage and tradition of interconnected economic cooperation, which originates from the 1960s. In recent years, Slovenia has strengthened its activities to promote increased cooperation with African countries. In the last few years, Slovenia has hosted high-level delegations from Uganda, Senegal, Algeria and Togo, and this year the guest is a high-level delegation from Ghana.


State Secretary Mirošič pointed out that the Slovenian industry and its high-tech companies can decisively contribute to achieving common goals in agriculture and food processing, ICT, infrastructure development, increasing productivity, pharmaceuticals and waste management.


In addition, Slovenia intends to continue its development projects in Africa with the intention of stimulating economic development and assisting in good environmental management, which could have a positive impact on migration, which is one of the common challenges facing Africa and the EU. The numbers show that young people comprise a large share of migrants in Africa. In order to alleviate the migration pressures, it is vital eliminate the root causes of migration, particularly with measures such as ensuring education and creating job opportunities.