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Minister Erjavec symbolically unveils the European Heritage Label at Javorca

Javorca, 11 May 2018 – Minister Karl Erjavec and the Mayor of the Tolmin Municipality, Uroš Brežan, symbolically unveiled the European Heritage Label at Javorca. The Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit at Javorca was selected to receive the Label by the European Commission at the end of 2017 due to its important role in European history and culture, and for its values of peace, human dignity, respect for different cultures, religions and nationalities. It commemorates the fallen soldiers of the Isonzo Front, regardless of their nationality or culture.


In his address, Minister Karl Erjavec underlined that the choice of Javorca to receive the European Heritage Label is of exceptional importance. After the millions of victims of the First World War, one would expect that such a tragedy would never be repeated, but the month of May is a reminder of what people are capable to attain their selfish goals. The First World War was followed by the Second World War, which ended on 9 May 1945. In view of all this, we all need to strive for peace every day, underlined Minister Erjavec. On 9 May 1950, the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, presented the Schuman Declaration, which is aimed at connecting all European nations. European integration began with six countries, which were later joined by others, including Slovenia 14 years ago. The European Union is a guarantor of peace, and its values must be enhanced and maintained, underlined Minister Erjavec. Slovenia is striving to help the Western Balkan countries join the European family. Europe is our common future, and is facing various challenges today. It is becoming increasingly clear that peace is one of these challenges, as living in peace in Europe today can no longer be taken for granted, as we once believed. This is why it is important to cherish the symbols of reconciliation between nations, such as Javorca. At such times, we become aware that peace is our greatest asset. Without peace, there is no development and no future and, above all, there is no future for young people, stressed the Minister. Today, the European Union offers many opportunities in various fields for young people.


The unveiling ceremony was accompanied by a cultural programme, which was co-organised by young musicians and singers.