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Session of Strategic Council for Foreign Affairs

Ljubljana, 21 December 2017 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today hosted a session of the Strategic Council for Foreign Affairs, which is headed by Minister Erjavec. The Council is an expert and consultative body established for discussions on topical issues relating to the implementation and planning of Slovenian foreign policy.

Today’s debate focused on terrorism and related challenges, which includes the importance of guaranteeing security, efforts to prevent radicalisation, and also a most sensitive balance between the provision of security and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Strategic Council members outlined the changed nature of modern terrorism, which presents a real and global challenge to security. It is essential to address the root causes that expose particularly young people to the risk of radicalisation, and to devote these issues more attention during education and wider awareness-raising.
From the national point of view, the importance of making a realistic assessment of potential threats was underlined, along with devoting such threats adequate attention, also through funds and human resources.