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On the occasion of the World Day against the Death Penalty, Slovenia calls for the complete abolition of capital punishment

Ljubljana, 10 October 2017 – Today, we are marking the World and European Day against the Death Penalty. Slovenia resolutely opposes the death penalty and urges all countries that still apply this type of punishment to abolish it as soon as possible or to establish a moratorium on its use.


The central theme for 2017 is "Poverty and justice – a deadly mix" and aims at raising awareness about the reasons why people living in poverty are at greater risk of being sentenced to death and executed. The death penalty is often used against the most vulnerable groups of people and the poor, who may lack opportunities or resources to obtain appropriate and effective access to legal protection during legal proceedings.


In recent years, encouraging global trend regarding the restriction and abolition of the death penalty could be observed; however, serious ongoing debates in certain countries around the world on re-introducing the death penalty, and even reintroduction of the death penalty in some countries after lengthy moratoriums give cause for concern.


There is no evidence that the death penalty reduces crime rates or enhances security, nor does it compensate for the damage done to victims and their families, but its global abolition is important for enhancing human dignity and the progressive development of human rights.


Slovenia strongly supports all past UN resolutions advocating the establishment of a moratorium on the death penalty or its complete abolition, and urges all countries that have not yet ratified the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights aimed at abolishing the death penalty to do so as soon as possible.


On the 15th anniversary of the World Day against the Death Penalty, the foreign ministers of Slovenia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland issued a joint statement calling for the worldwide abolition of the death penalty.