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25 years of Slovenia's international recognition

Ljubljana, 15 January 2012 –On 15 January 1992, the majority of the European Community countries recognised the Republic of Slovenia. A door opened to recognitions which began flooding in from all over the world. On 22 May 1992 Slovenia became the 176th UN Member State. Today, Slovenia has established diplomatic relations with more than 180 countries.

Slovenia had previously gained the recognition of neighbouring Croatia (on 26 June 1991), the newly-established Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus.

On 19 December 1991 the Federal Republic of Germany, the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Iceland were the first Western European countries to issue announcements recognising Slovenia's sovereignty and independence. While the Republic of Iceland formally recognised Slovenia on the same day, the official recognition by the Federal Republic of Germany came into force on 15 January 1992, when the majority of the European Community and some other European countries recognised Slovenia, thus paving the way for other countries to do the same, including the neghbouring cuntries Austria and Hungary, as well as Italy on 16 January.

The Vatican and San Marino recognised Slovenia on 13 and 14 January 1992, respectively. The first overseas countries to do so were Canada 15 January and Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Uruguay on 16 January. Russia recognised Slovenia on 14 February, and the United States did so on 7 April 1992. By August 1992, Slovenia had been recognised by 92 countries. The first foreign statesman to visit Slovenia after its recognition by the European Community was Italian President Francesco Cossiga on 17 January 1992. To date, Slovenia has established diplomatic relations with more than 180 countries.


Chronology of international recognitions of Slovenia to 22 May 1992

26 June 1991: Croatia recognises Slovenia
30 July 1991: Lithuania recognises Slovenia
14 August 1991: Georgia recognises Slovenia
29 August 1991: Latvia recognises Slovenia
25 September 1991: Estonia recognises Slovenia
12 December 1991: Ukraine recognises Slovenia
19 December 1991: Iceland recognises Slovenia. Sweden and the Federal Republic of Germany announce their recognition of Slovenia
27 December 1991: Belarus recognises Slovenia
13 January 1992: the Vatican recognises Slovenia
14 January 1992: San Marino recognises Slovenia
15 January 1992: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom recognise Slovenia. Recognition by Germany comes into force.
15 January 1992: Canada recognises Slovenia
16 January 1992: Argentina, Australia, Chile, the then Czechoslovakia, Italy, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Sweden, and Uruguay recognise Slovenia
17 January 1992: Finland recognises Slovenia
18 January 1992: Romania recognises Slovenia

21 January 1992: Albania recognises Slovenia
24 January 1992: Netherlands and Brazil recognise Slovenia
27 January 1992: Paraguay recognises Slovenia

28 January 1992: Bolivia recognises Slovenia
2 February 1992: Turkey recognises Slovenia
12 February 1992: Macedonia recognises Slovenia
14 February 1992: Russia recognises Slovenia

28 January 1992: Kyrgyz Republic recognises Slovenia

3 March 1992: Columbia recognises Slovenia
17 March 1992: Japan and Peru recognise Slovenia

18 March 1992: Libya recognises Slovenia
19 March 1992: Bosnia and Herzegovina recognises Slovenia

24 March 1992: Moldova recognises Slovenia
27 March 1992: Cyprus recognises Slovenia

2 April 1992: Republic of South Africa recognises Slovenia
7 April 1992: the US recognises Slovenia
11 April 1992: Greece recognises Slovenia

14 April 1992: Nicaragua recognises Slovenia

15 April 1992: Republic of Korea recognises Slovenia
16 April 1992: Egypt and Israel recognise Slovenia

20 April 1992: Sudan recognises Slovenia
21 April 1992: United Arab Emirates recognises Slovenia

24 April 1992: Algeria recognises Slovenia
25 April 1992: Tunisia recognises Slovenia
27 April 1992 China recognises Slovenia
28 April 1992: Oman recognises Slovenia

1 May 1992: Thailand recognises Slovenia

4 May 1992: Malaysia recognises Slovenia

5 May 1992: Philippines recognises Slovenia

6 May 1992: Venezuela recognises Slovenia

8 May 1992: DPR Korea recognises Slovenia
11 May 1992: India, Morocco, Pakistan recognise Slovenia

15 May 1992: Singapore recognises Slovenia

17 May 1992: Jordan recognises Slovenia

18 May 1992: Cape Verde recognises Slovenia

19 May 1992: Bangladesh recognises Slovenia

20 May 1992: Indonesia recognises Slovenia
22 May 1992: Cuba and Mexico recognise Slovenia, and Slovenia becomes the 176th member of the UN.