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MFA on outcome of EU membership referendum in UK

Ljubljana, 24 June 2016 – In the referendum on their country's membership of the European Union, British voters decided to leave. Respecting the democratically expressed will of British citizens, the Slovenian Foreign Ministry regrets the outcome and believes that Europe is at its strongest when we all stand united. Notwithstanding the outcome of the referendum, this strength and unity must be maintained.


Prior to taking further action, the forthcoming European Council must be acquainted with the report and plans of the British side. We hope that the UK's expectations are presented soon. Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union provides the legal basis for, and defines, the withdrawal procedure, stipulating that the decision on withdrawal must be notified. The European Council will then agree on further steps.


In the short term, no major changes and consequences are expected. Pursuant to the Treaty, the arrangements will be negotiated and the country's future relationship with the EU agreed in the course of the next two years. In the meantime, the United Kingdom will remain a full member of the EU, with all the membership rights and obligations. The long-term implications will depend on the agreed arrangements.


A strong, closely connected Europe based on the Treaty, which is able to effectively take on major challenges, is a priority for Slovenia.  The entire European integration process has significant benefits for the whole of Europe, its citizens and countries. In this context, Slovenia remains committed to the further strengthening of the European Union.