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Slovenia regards human rights education as a priority in foreign policy.


Human rights education is vital for establishing and maintaining a democratic, tolerant and sustainable society promoting human values and mutual respect. However, respect for human rights may only be achieved by informing people of their rights and the rights of others and by generating an active interest in these rights at both the individual and community levels. Human rights are vital to long-term peace, stability and security, while human rights education helps prevent human rights violations and contributes significantly to attaining a just society.


At the international level, Slovenia is among the countries actively engaging in human rights education. Since 2009, Slovenia has been a member of the Platform for Human Rights Education and Training, which was the leading factor in drafting the UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training, a document promoting the implementation of the World Programme for Human Rights Education.


Based on the efforts and achievements of the UN Decade for Human Rights Education (1995–2004), the World Programme for Human Rights Education was set up on 10 December 2004 by the UN General Assembly with a view to promoting a common understanding of the basic principles and methodologies of human rights education and preparing the scope for activities and enhancing partnerships and cooperation at the international and local levels. The first phase of the World Programme (2005–2009) focused on human rights education in the primary and secondary school systems. The second phase (2010-2014) focused on human rights education for higher education and on human rights training programmes for teachers and educators, civil servants, law enforcement officials and military personnel. The third phase (2015–2019) is focused on strengthening the implementation of the first two phases and promoting human rights training for media professionals and journalists, in compliance with UN Human Rights Council Resolution 24/15.


Since 2005, Slovenia has been implementing a project titled Our Rights, which is intended for elementary school children around the world. 




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