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The foreign policy of the Republic of Slovenia is founded on the values of Slovenia's independence and statehood, the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, the values of the European Union and the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.


The position and activities of the Republic of Slovenia in the international arena are based on the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, the Basic Constitutional Charter on the Sovereignty and Independence of the Republic of Slovenia, the Foreign Affairs Act, and other internal legal instruments and international law that is binding on the Republic of Slovenia.


The Republic of Slovenia is a Central European and Mediterranean country, lying at the heart of the Alpine-Adriatic-Danube region and the meeting point between the Western Europe and the Western Balkans. The Republic of Slovenia is a maritime state.


The foreign policy objectives of the Republic of Slovenia are:

  • the security of the Republic of Slovenia: peace, security and political stability in the neighbourhood, Europe and beyond;
  • the prosperity of the Republic of Slovenia and its nationals;
  • effective bilateral relations: good neighbourly relations and enhanced relations with partners in the European Union and other key political and economic partners;
  • a positive image and the visibility of the Republic of Slovenia as a successful member of the European Union;
  • the positioning of the Republic of Slovenia at the centre of a deepened and widened European Union, with a strong foreign and security policy, which is able to promote the interests of its member states as a key global player;
  • a consolidated multilateral system based on an effective United Nations, the sovereign equality of states, collective security, the peaceful resolution of disputes, the self-determination of peoples, high human rights standards, a powerful role of international law, intensified international development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, and sustainable development;
  • the visibility of Slovenia's excellence in culture, science and education at the international level; the preservation and development of Slovenian minorities in neighbouring countries and Slovenian communities around the world;
  • the promotion of the Slovenian language in neighbouring countries, in the European Union and around the world.

In the context of the foregoing objectives, the implementation of the foreign policy of the Republic of Slovenia focuses on the following priority areas:

  • consolidating political and economic ties at the national and regional levels in the Alpine Adriatic-Danube region, with Central European countries and within Central European integrations;
  • supporting enhanced trade and strong presence of Slovenian companies in the markets of the European Union member states and in the third markets, increased foreign direct investments, the internationalisation of Slovenian companies and the promotion of startups;
  • supporting the promotion of Slovenian know-how abroad and the flow of knowledge;
  • promoting the visibility of the Republic of Slovenia in culture, science, education and tourism as well as its general visibility and positive image;
  • promoting the interests of the Republic of Slovenia as an active member at the heart of the European Union;
  • supporting the integration of the Republic of Slovenia in pan European transport and energy networks with due consideration for its prime geographical position;
  • promoting Koper as the leading North Adriatic and Central European port in connection with the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor;
  • attaining the full implementation of the Agreement on Succession Issues and settlement of unresolved succession issues;
  • increasing Slovenia's presence in the Western Balkans;
  • actively supporting the enlargement of the European Union and NATO, provided that the required conditions, particularly those relating to the rule of law, are met;
  • increasing the visibility and role of the Republic of Slovenia within NATO, the basic framework of national and European security;
  • strengthening transatlantic cooperation on the basis of shared values and mutual interests;
  • fighting terrorism and extremism, including the elimination of conditions that provide fertile ground for extremism;
  • supporting the position and development of the Slovenian autochthonous national communities in Austria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary;
  • promoting ties between Slovenians living abroad and the Republic of Slovenia in all spheres of life;
  • conducting consular activities to protect Slovenian nationals abroad and promote international cooperation in business, culture, science and education, cooperation among Slovenians around the world, safe migration and the fight against trafficking in human beings;
  • actively championing the rights of children, women, national minorities and the most vulnerable groups, including the promotion of the principle of responsibility to protect;
  • strengthening intercultural dialogue and respect for diversity;
  • dealing with the issue of ageing population;
  • dealing with climate change, with a special focus on the sustainability of water and forest resources, and biological and geographical diversity.

(From the Declaration of Foreign Policy of the Republic of Slovenia)