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The South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) was launched in 1996 in Sofia with a view to strengthening regional cooperation and trust, good neighbourly relations, stability and security, enhanced economic relations, engagement in the human dimension, justice, the fight against organised crime, and fight against terrorism.


The SEECP's underlying document is the "Charter on Good-Neighborly Relations, Stability, Security and Cooperation in South-East Europe", adopted at the 2000 Bucharest summit (building on the declaration of the first meeting in 1996). In 2007, there were additional procedural changes in view of the establishment of the Regional Cooperation Council, which is the operational arm of the SEECP.


Today, the SEECP consists of thirteen participants: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, and Slovenia (a member since 2010).


The SEECP is a non-institutionalised regional process coordinated by the state holding the chairmanship-in-office. Its primary mission is to foster the EU prospect of South-East Europe and work towards the connectivity, security, stability, and economic progress of the region. Accordingly, the rotating chairmanships-in-office work hand in hand with the RCC, which is currently focusing on implementing the SEE 2020 Strategy.


The SEECP chairmanship-in-office follows the principle of one-year rotation (July–June), with no specific order.


Slovenia is chairing the SEECP from 1 July 2017.


Slovenia's Chairmanship-in-Office


The chairing country hosts the annual summit of heads of state and government, formal and informal meetings of foreign ministers, any other ministerial meetings it organises, meetings of political directors, and individual expert meetings. During each chairmanship-in-office, activities and meetings related to the parliamentary dimension of the SEECP are also held.


Slovenia took over the July 2017–June 2018 Chairmanship-in-Office from Croatia at the summit of heads of state and government in Dubrovnik on 30 June.


Thematic priorities and Chairmanship motto


During its SEECP Chairmanship-in-Office Slovenia will remain an active supporter of the EU enlargement process and will focus on consolidating the political stability and security situations, and enhancing the economic progress of South East Europe.


The motto of Slovenia's Chairmanship-in-Office, SEE4FutureSouth Eastern Europe for Future, reflects dedication to interaction, inclusiveness and orientation towards the progress of South East Europe. 


By addressing complex and interrelated topics through regional cooperation in South East Europe, the SEECP fits into the paradigm of union and cooperation in modern Europe – for Europe's future.


The priority areas of the Slovenian Chairmanship-in-Office include:

  • continued support for the EU's enlargement  policy – enlarged Europe;
  • security – safer Europe;
  • prospects for young people –  younger Europe;
  • digital transformation of society – digital Europe. 

Programme of the Slovenian Chairmanship-in-Office


The activities of the Slovenian Chairmanship-in-Office are summarised in the calendar of events, which is not exhaustive – additional meetings and events may be added to it during the chairmanship term.



23-24 April 2018

SEECP Summit

Press release, 23 April 2018

SEECP Brdo Summit Declaration, 24 April 2018


5. 9. 2017

Informal meeting of the South-East European Cooperation Process foreign ministers