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Slove’n’aid is the first official Slovenian “band-aid” supergroup featuring established Slovenian singers of different genres, gathered to support and promote international development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Slove’n’aid features some of the most popular musicians in the country: Alya, Andraž Hribar, Darja Švajger, Eva Boto, Eva Černe, Eva Hren, Jana Šušteršič, Manca Špik, Nejc Lombardo, Nuša Derenda, Omar Naber and Vlado Pilja.


In the European Year for Development 2015, Slove’n’aid recorded En svet (One World) under the guidance of producer and composer Žiga Pirnat. The song made a great impact in promoting development topics.


In 2016, Slove'n'aid released a new symphonic version of the song under the title One World, while a promotional video was produced and presented at the 2016 Bled Strategic Forum. With the new version of the song in English, Slove'n'aid is joining the global campaign to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


17 SDGs are presented in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by 193 Member States of the United Nations on 25 September 2015. The Agenda is a historic agreement of the international community to end poverty, reduce inequalities, provide progress and protect the environment for current and future generations. It focuses on respecting human rights, gender equality and providing prosperity, peace and security for all. Completing these goals is a responsibility of all – developing as well as developed countries.


Slove’n’aid remain the ambassadors of Slovenia's international development cooperation, with which developed countries support economic, social and environmental progress in developing countries. As a member of the European Union and of the international donor community, Slovenia is committed to addressing the most pressing challenges of developing countries and achieving more equitable global development.


Slove'n'aid during European Year for Development 2015