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The project is intended to raise awareness of young people in Transnistria aged between 15 and 18 who – by being included in education and obtaining the right to vote – are future initiators of social change.


In September 2013, 12 Moldovan teacher-trainers, representatives of the public and non-government sectors received training in Slovenia according to the methodology tailored to the needs of the younger generation. They were trained to work with young people and to provide training using the COMPASS manual, and later transferred the acquired knowledge of human rights and education for active citizenship to 18 peer teachers in Transnistria in Moldova.

In 12 thematic workshops, the 18 newly-trained young educators successfully passed on their knowledge to their peers, and actively participated as volunteers in activities related to the advocacy and protection of the rights of vulnerable groups. Through working with young people and practical activities, local trainers also acquired additional knowledge.

Altogether, the workshops were attended by 200 young people from the M-League volunteer association and Bender College; they acquired knowledge of human rights and developed new skills through interactive activities, with an emphasis on communication skills, critical thinking, group work, cooperation, listening, respecting opinions of others, etc. The participants received training in various topics related to human rights, which encouraged them to offer voluntary assistance to peers with learning difficulties, the elderly and other socially disadvantaged groups. In the long term, they will be involved more often in civil initiatives and decision-making processes, and be capable of resolving inter-ethnic, political and religious conflicts in a constructive manner.
In future, the programme might be integrated into daily school activities. Več »