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During the preparations for the UN Conference on Financing for Development (Monterrey, 2002), the EU decided to reshape the planned attainment of the agreed goals of the international community, by which the developed world should allocate at least 0.7% of GNI for the financing of development, thus making them binding intermediate targets, which have been defined in the European Consensus on Development.

Slovenia has been seeking to increase its share of GNI allocated to developing countries in compliance with the European Consensus on Development (to 0.17% of GNI by 2010 and to 0.33% by 2015). The adoption of the 2010 national budget facilitated a transition to a programme-based approach to bilateral development cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia and the annual elaboration of a framework programme of international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance.


Amount of multilateral and bilateral assistance (in million EUR) and percentage of GNI for ODA in the 2005–2015 period compared to international commitments