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In line with the priorities of Slovenian foreign and economic policies, bilateral development cooperation is focused mostly on the Western Balkan countries.

Slovenia has concluded agreements on development cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo. On the basis of the latter, a programme is being developed with Montenegro and Macedonia, while development cooperation with other countries in the region is based on projects.

The other geographic priorities for Slovenian development cooperation are the European neighbourhood and Sub-Saharan Africa, notably the least-developed countries in this region.


To Sub-Saharan Africa Slovenia allocates development assistance particularly through multilateral channels. Bilateral assistance is being implemented on the basis of projects, whereby projects run by non-governmental organisations in the less developed countries of Sub-Saharan Africa are prioritised. 

In terms of content, Slovenian development cooperation focuses on the following:

  • promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies, with a particular emphasis on good governance, equal opportunities, including gender equality, and quality education;
  • fight against climate change, focused on the sustainable management of natural and energy resources.