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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the national coordinator for international development cooperation. Within the Ministry the responsibility for the international development cooperation and humanitarian aid has been entrusted to the State Secretary Simona Leskovar, acting as Minister for Development Cooperation. This area falls under the purview of the Directorate for Multilateral Affairs, Development Cooperation and International Law. With regard to international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance, the Directorate carries out the following activities:

  • Policy planning for international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance at the national and international levels;
  • Policy implementation and coordination; monitoring of the implementation of development cooperation;
  • Planning and implementation of humanitarian assistance.

At the Government level, an Interministerial Working Body for International Development Cooperation has been set up and tasked with the following:

  • Monitoring the implementation of international development cooperation;
  • Planning of international development cooperation;
  • Coordinating international development cooperation;
  • Monitoring the implementation of international development cooperation;
  • Discussing estimated funds to be allocated to international development cooperation;
  • Collaborating in the performance assessment of the Resolution's implementation.

With the aim of drafting the Resolution and advising on International Development Cooperation, the Minister shall establish a council of experts for International Development Cooperation (hereinafter: Expert Council). The Expert Council shall:

  • prepare a draft Resolution and submit it to the interagency working body;
  • advise the Minister on International Development Cooperation;
  • collaborate in the preparation of performance assessments.

The Expert Council shall be composed of the following members:

  • Representatives of the ministries involved in the implementation of International Development Cooperation;
  • Representatives of the Providers of International Development Cooperation;
  • Experts in International Development Cooperation
  • Representatives of chambers of commerce and of other legal entities granted public authority by the Government ofthe Republic of Slovenia for the implementation of the Resolution.