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The international development cooperation programme of the Republic of Slovenia has been included among Slovenia’s foreign policy priorities. As part of a modern foreign policy, international development cooperation has been integrated into the global development processes and is an important tool in developing political and economic relations with both developing and developed countries.


In terms of per-capita GNI, Slovenia is among the economically developed countries of the world, and has been an official development assistance donor since 2004. In 2017, funds earmarked for international development cooperation amounted to EUR 64.4 or 0.16% of GNI.


What is international development cooperation?


International development cooperation is regulated by the International Development Cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia Act, adopted in 2018. The Act defines the objectives and methods of long-term planning, financing and implementation of international development cooperation of Slovenia. In September 2017, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the Resolution on Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance of the Republic of Slovenia. The Resolution sets out the geographical and sector-specific priorities for Slovenia's international development cooperation, along with mechanisms for its implementation. Act, the Resolution and other documents on the Slovenian development cooperation


Institutional organisation of Slovenian international development cooperation

International development cooperation priorities of the Republic of Slovenia

Volume of the official development assistance of the Republic of Slovenia

Fields of activity


Implementation of Slovenian development assistance

Activities, projects and programmes for bilateral development cooperation are being implemented by several ministries and other institutions established or co-established by the Government:
• Centre for European Perspective (CEP) and  
• ITF Enhancing Human Security (ITF).

• International organisation: Centre of Excellence in Finance (CEF),
• Centre for International Cooperation and Development (CMSR).


Foreign policy focusing on international development cooperation is also implemented by NGOs and humanitarian organisations. Slovenia also takes part in multilateral programmes with other donor countries. The Foreign Ministry is striving to increase the engagement of other organisations (universities, companies) and local communities. 


Bilateral development cooperation

Multilateral development cooperation

Evaluation of Slovenian Official Development Cooperation

Visual identity of international development cooperation of Slovenia