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In addition to the EU Geroup and the Working Group for European Affairs, there are 35 other working groups within the system of coordination of European affairs, which are responsible for individual subject areas as an additional coordinating mechanism. All are involved in the preparation of positions of the Republic of Slovenia in the process of adopting legislative proposals and other EU acts.

They meet in order to prepare a particular position on a legislative or other EU proposal or to discuss wider topical issues and recommend appropriate course of action. Most contact between the members of an individual working group is electronic.

According to the subject area that the particular working group is responsible for, representatives of competent state authorities participate in its work. If necessary, an individual working group may invite other bodies which were initially not envisaged in the composition of the working group to cooperate with it.

List of drafting working groups:

1. General and Institutional Affairs
2. External Relations
3. Security and Defence
4. Common Trade Policy
5. International Development Aid
6. Structural and Regional Policy
7. Immigration and Asylum
8. Judicial Cooperation
9. Police Cooperation and Drugs
10. Civil Protection
11. Macroeconomic Policy and EMU
12. Financial Services and Free Movement of Capital
13. Taxation
14. Budget
15. Legislative Affairs
16. Statistics
17. Energy and Euratom
18. Internal Market
19. Free Movement of Goods and Services and Consumer Protection
20. Telecommunications, Postal Services and Information Society Services
21. Free Movement of Persons
22. Customs Union
23. Protection of Competition and State Aids
24. Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship
25. Agriculture
26. Veterinary and Phytosanitary Affairs
27. Fisheries
28. Public Health
29. Environment
30. Transport
31. Labour and Social Affairs
32. Education, Training and Youth
33. Culture and Audiovisual Policy
34. Science, Development and Technology
35. Strategy EU 2020.

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(Last change: 22 May 2012)