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The EU Group  addresses topical issues of strategic importance concerning Slovenia’s membership of the European Union.

It is chaired by State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


TheGroup members are:


- State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office,
- State Secretaries of all line ministries,
- Head of the Permanent Representation of Slovenia to the EU,
- Deputy Head of the Permanent Representation of Slovenia to the EU.


The Group’s tasks include deliberations on the EU-related strategic issues, steering the work in the field of European affairs, cross-sectoral discussions on dossiers and open questions of a political character, as well as monitoring of current developments in the European Union. The Group is also regularly informed about all the topical matters which the European Commission is yet to submit to the Council. In this way it is possible to ensure timely identification of problems, coordinate diverse interests and competencies among line ministries and thus be more efficient in tackling EU-related issues. 


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(Last change: 22 May 2012)