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The secondary legislation is based on the founding and accession Treaties and includes various types of EU legal acts adopted by individual or several EU institutions: regulations, directives, decisions, recommendations, and opinions.
Prior to Slovenia’s accession to the EU, the entire corpus of secondary law in force had to be prepared in the Slovene language as well.  At that time, it comprised around 90,000 OJ pages, i.e. several thousands of legal acts from various chapters as found in the Directory of EU legislation in force. The project engaged all line ministries and was coordinated by two authorities: Government Office for European Affairs and Government Legislation Office. Translations were revised from the expert, linguistic and legal point of view and formally approved by the Government Commission for legal revision of the translations of EC legal acts, and then uploaded in the legal database CCVista. The last check (the so-called finalisation) was performed by lawyer-linguists in the European Commission and the EU Council. The Special Edition was published by the Publications Office in Luxembourg.


From 1 May 2004 on, the Slovene version of legal acts has been prepared in the EU institutions, where more than 170 translators and lawyer-linguists for Slovene are daily engaged in this process. Legal acts in Slovene, published regularly in the Official Journal of the EU, are to be found in the legislative databaseEUR-Lex. On these web pages, we can also find legislative proposals and other communications by the Commission to other institutions (COM documents). The legislative procedure can also be followed through the PreLex database (Monitoring of the decision-making process between institutions) or OEIL (Legislative Observatory).




(last change: 25 April 2012)