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Evroterm is a database of terms that was first launched as an internal database (TRADOS MultiTerm software) in the course of preparing the Slovene version of EU legal acts within the former Department for Translation, Revision and Terminology of the Government Office for European Affairs. In August 2000, it became accessible on internet under the name “Evroterm”. In June 2005, the administration of the database was entrusted to the Secretariat-General of the Government.


The terminology database is edited and updated daily. Beside terms from the translations of EU legal acts, it contains terms from other documents that are translated within the public administration or are relevant for a larger translator public: translations of Slovene laws, international law, administrative correspondence, programmes, reports etc.


After the concluded pre-accession project, a question is often raised whether Evroterm is regularly updated with EU terms and what its prospects are. The new EU terminology is now mostly created in the EU institutions who are responsible for the preparation of the Slovene version of EU legal acts; it has been systematically compiled and edited in the publicly accessible interinstitutional database IATE (Inter-Active Terminology for Europe). Evroterm as a shared terminology database of Slovenian administration is updated with terms from other areas of state activity and has become one of the fundamental terminology instruments in Slovenia. 
Evroterm – Multilingual terminology database


Very useful is the combined use of Evroterm with Evrokorpus, containing bilingual corpora of translations at various stages: from unrevised translations to finalised or published texts. When a term cannot be found either in Evroterm or in Evrokorpus, the search is automatically continued in the IATE database.
Corpora of translations consist of translation memories compiled by using the TRADOS Translator's Workbench tool.


This database was introduced with the same purpose as Evroterm: to guarantee the unified use of terminology in the course of preparing the Slovene version of EU legal acts. It has been publicly accessible since January 2002. Since 2005, its administrator has been the Secretariat-General of the Slovenian Government. 
Evrokorpus – parallel corpora of translations



Important novelties introduced in the last years are Terminator and Evroterm-search by mobile phone.


The Terminator terminology analyser provides the possibility of searching a whole text and marking the terms that have already been entered in the Evroterm database. These terms are equipped with active links; by clicking on them, we get their translation and other data.




(last change: 25 April 2012)