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Upon Slovenia’s accession to the European Union, Slovene became an official language of the EU and the responsibility for preparing the Slovene version of EU legal acts was transferred to the translation and legal services of the EU institutions.


In the pre-accession period, before 1 May 2004, the former Department for Translation, Revision and Terminology, one of the organisational units of the former Government Office for European Affairs, worked on the preparation of the Slovene version of primary and secondary EU law, in collaboration with numerous external experts and the entire state administration, notably with the Government Legislation Office, thus succeeding to fulfil one of the conditions for Slovenia's smooth functioning within the EU. In addition to this, the said Department provided linguistic support to the whole EU-integration process, including harmonisation, National Programme for the Adoption of the Acquis, and negotiations.
As of 1 June 2005, the majority of Department’s employees joined the team of the Translation Department in the Secretariat-General of the Government, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to monitor the use of Slovene as one of the EU official languages in the framework of its European Affairs coordination activities.


Primary Legislation of the EU
The founding Treaties on establishing the European Communities and European Union and their amendments; the Accession Treaties
Secondary Legislation of the EU
Regulations, directives, decisions, recommendations and opinions
Evroterm and Evrokorpus
Multilingual terminology database and parallel corpora of translations
Thesaurus of the European Parliament – over 7,000 descriptors referring to the activities of the EU and Member States







Department for General and Institutional Issues