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In each of the Member States and the beneficiary countries, a National Contact Point for Institution Building projects, including Twinning, has to be designated. The function of the Slovenian National Contact Point is performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

The tasks of the National Contact Point comprise:
– cooperation and information exchange with the European Commission and National Contact Points of the EU Member States and the beneficiary countries;
– informing the Slovenian public administration about calls for proposals (an information network has been established with all public administration bodies – to this end, the MFA has set up the electronic address: ncp.svez(at);
– check and submission of Slovenian proposals in response to calls for proposals;
– informing and training of public administration with regard to the rules governing the implementation of projects, including the assistance in interpreting the rules;
– assistance to public administration in preparing the proposals and explanations for the government (every participation in a Twinning project has to be endorsed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia), presentations and implementation of projects (preparation of the project documentation, administrative, technical and financial implementation);
– check of applications for granting the status of a mandated body and the evaluation of fulfilment of conditions, implementation of procedures for the granting of the status;
– updating of web pages with topical information and EU calls for proposals.




Maja Dimkovski Engelman
t: +386 1 478 24 55
f: +386 1 478 21 44
e: maja.dimkovski-engelman(at)




(Last change: 1 August 2012)