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Process of coordination and monitoring the European affairs


Upon its accession to the European Union, Slovenia transferred some of its sovereign rights to EU institutions, which enables it to take part in the creation of EU policies and legislation, together and equally with other Member States. Cooperation in formulating EU policies and legislation has thus become part of the daily activities of the state administration.

For the effective pursuit of Slovenia's interests, it is crucial that Slovene representatives in EU institutions present in due time the positions which have been coordinated in advance with all state authorities to whom the particular proposal refers. At the same time, the coordination of European affairs is of key importance.

The government of the Republic of Slovenia has established a system of coordination of European affairs, which operates in cooperation with the competent authorities, central coordination units, Permanent Representation in Brussels, working groups for the preparation of positions during the process of adopting legislative proposals and other European Union acts, the Working Group for European Affairs, the government, and the National Assembly.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is the central coordinator of European affairs. In particular, the MFA provides for the correct preparation and submission of positions on proposals, which the European Union Council then decides at the level of working parties, committees, ministerial meetings and meetings of the European Council.

One of the MFA’s central tasks is classifying, publishing and archiving EU documents, as well as publishing, coordinating and adopting the positions of Slovenia; this is carried out on the EU-Portal, which is an integral part of the government information system.

At the same time, the MFA coordinates the drafting of positions of the Republic of Slovenia in infringement procedures instituted by the European Commission when Slovenia is allegedly out of compliance with EU law (except for the coordination of positions in infringement procedures due to non-notification or overdue notification of Directives transposed into Slovenian legislation, the coordination of which falls within the responsibility of the Government Office for Legislation). When preparing written submissions sent by the Republic of Slovenia to the European Court of Justice, the MFA cooperates in legal proceedings with the competent ministries, government offices and the State Attorney's Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

The MFA has also been following the activities of the Slovenian departments for translation and interpreting services in EU institutions, as well as assisting various ministries with EU-related language issues. In the field of interpretation, it coordinates requests from various ministries for interpretation of the EU Council working parties.

The MFA also informs Slovene representatives in the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions, and the European Economic and Social Committee, about the positions of Slovenia on acts discussed by the aforementioned institutions.

In cooperation with the competent ministries and government offices, the MFA every year and a half prepares government materials regarding the current situation in the European Union and the position of Slovenia in the EU, as well as political orientations regarding the activities of the Republic of Slovenia in EU institutions in the upcoming period, to be discussed by the National Assembly.