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What diplomatic missions, consular posts and economic advisers offer Slovenian businesses:**

  • assistance in establishing contacts with ministries and other state institutions, chambers of commerce, business associations, and media at national and regional levels, as well as in connecting these with similar institutions in Slovenia
  • services to boost exports
  • assistance in tackling problems indicated by ministries, other institutions and businesses
  • organisation of, and participation in business meetings (of business delegations), presentations at fairs and other presentations, seminars and conferences as well as other promotional events
  • information on business opportunities, international tenders, sectors and fairs that are relevant to Slovenian institutions and businesses
  • business information and business opportunities
  • advisory support in entering a foreign market
  • assistance in establishing contacts with potential business partners
  • advice and information support for potential foreign investors
  • implementation of tasks aimed at obtaining foreign investors

** vary in terms of content and scope according to available capacities and local conditions in each country



In addition to direct support for businesses, diplomatic missions and consular posts provide:

  • review and analysis of the macroeconomic situation in countries of accreditation
  • coordination of institutional bilateral economic cooperation between Slovenia and countries of accreditation
  • coordination of economic activities related to the EU and international organisations

List of advisers

Austria, Vienna 
Dušan Pšeničnik
E: dusan.psenicnik(at) 


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Borut Valenčič
E: borut.valencic(at) 

Czech Republic, Praha (also responsible for Slovakia)

Miha Rössler
E: miha.rossler(at) 

Montenegro, Podgorica
Petra Gradišek


Denmark, Copenhagen
Nina Krtelj
E: nina.krtelj(at) 


Egipt, Cairo

Aleš Selan
E: aleš 

France, Paris
Jana Bajec Povše
E: jana.bajec-povse(at) 

Croatia, Zagreb
Bernard Šrajner

India, New Delhi
Mateja Vodeb Ghosh
E: mateja.vodeb(at) 


Iran, Tehran
Dubravka Šekoranja
E: dubravka.sekoranja(at) 

Italy, Rome
Slobodan Šešum
E: slobodan.sesum(at) 


Italy, Milano
Zorko Pelikan
E: zorko.pelikan(at) 


China, Beijing
Tea Pirih

China, Shanghai
Miloš Prislan

E: milos.prislan(at) 

Hungary, Budapest
Miha Erman
E: miha.erman(at) 

Macedonia, Skopje
Gjyle Vishaj

Germany, Berlin
Jakob Brenčič

E: jakob.brencic(at) 

Serbia, Belgrade
Goran Križ
E: goran.kriz(at) 


Poland, Warsaw
Maja Šegota

E: maja.segota(at)


Russia, Moscow
Jan Sitar
E: jan.sitar(at) 


United Kingdom, London

Darja Slokar
E: darja.slokar(at) 

USA, Washington
Metka Urbas
E: metka.urbas(at)